Boise State University

Shades of Black Show at Boise State University 2011-Present

About the University:

The students, faculty and staff at Boise State University are known for their grit and ambition. While we may be most famous for our iconic Blue Turf, we have built a metropolitan research university of distinction in the Northwest, with our faculty and student researchers working to answer some of the most intriguing questions facing us today.


Students stand with us in the lab, in the field, as part of the learning and discovery process. You see, Boise State’s faculty and staff are guided by one simple but powerful conviction: our students are the future leaders, thinkers and innovators of the American West, and that future begins in the classrooms of our campus, situated in the heart of Boise, Idaho,across the river from downtown, at the intersection of the region’s centers of government, technology, business and the arts.


On campus, we prime students to jump into Boise’s rapidly growing  professional and cultural scene, not only by their proximity to our state’s capitol and bustling downtown core, but by the superior education they receive at Boise State. Recently we’ve significantly revamped our undergraduate experience to make students more career ready.